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Demon Seed

for women who enjoy kidnap, forced arousal and rape fantasies. You are tricked into summoning the demon of lust and madness. He pulls you back to his lair and binds you with supernatural restraints. You try to resist, but the demon knows how to selectively inflict pain to make you squirm against his cock until your body's arousal overrides your mind. He dissolves your will into a haze of mindless lust and your body fucks him until he releases his seed; an addictive mind-altering narcotic that transforms you into his willing sexual servant.

4 out of 5 Lotuses: "…the story itself was both well written and well delivered, each time I listen to it I can feel the sensations that the story evokes quite physically. It’s as if they are actually happening to me, and I am left with a need for sex." —

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Tags: erotic hypnosis, for women, forced arousal, male dominant, BDSM, erotic horror, sex with a demon, suspension bondage

Post-hypnotic suggestions: None.

Techniques: Nested stories, confusion, some time distortion and NLP.

Audio Format: MP3 and Audio CD

Length: 25 min (23 MB)

Price: $25 USD

Explicitness: Explicit descriptions of sexual activity