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Hypnotically Seduced

This erotic audio story is for women who dream about the hypnotically seductive stranger; the irresistible man who inspires the most compelling desires and sweeps you away with the most intoxicating pleasures. Listen to a story so sensual and compelling that it will seduce you into a deep hypnotic trance where you'll meet this hypnotic stranger, and before you know it, you're following him to a secret chamber. He ties you to a fur covered bed, seducing you deeper with increasing pleasure until you surrender every fiber of your being to his hypnotic, erotic control.

"I had an amazing hypnotic experience after which I woke up feeling so...well...satisfied." — The Erotic Woman

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Tags: erotic hypnosis, for women, erotic bondage, dominance and submission

Post-hypnotic Suggestions: None

Techniques: Ericksonian story telling, nested stories, time dilation, NLP inflection patterns.

Audio Format: MP3 and CD

Length: 32 min. (approx 30 MB)

Price: $25 USD

Explicitness: Explicit descriptions of sexual activity