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Hypnosis for a More Sensual Kegel

A change from my normal approach. This is not a story, but direct self-help hypnosis designed to create an emotional connection between exercising your vaginal muscles and the anticipation of greater sexual pleasure.

Although most women know about the Kegel exercises and their benefits, few take the time to perform these exercises daily. This, I believe, is because of the clinical (impersonal) way in which these exercises are presented. Women need to feel an emotional connection to the benefits; a feeling of connecting to these benefits though their own thoughts and actions. When you feel this connection, you feel motivated to make these exercises part of your daily routine.

To make the Kegel exercises more personal, and more sensual, Hypnotic Dreams introduces A More Sensual Kegel. This program will guide you through a basic hypnotic induction, identifying the sexual muscles, performing the basic Kegel exercises, and trying some variations.

Then this hypnosis MP3 will guide you to create a sensual state of mind, and link (anchor) this state of mind to exercising your sexual muscles. After you listen a few times, performing the Kegel exercises (squeezing your sexual muscles) will automatically return you to a sensual state of mind, in which you will enjoy the anticipation of greater pleasure during sex.

"It has made me more aware of my muscles down there more willing to try out squeezing them and getting them stronger. "—Catylulu89

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Tags: Hypnosis for the Kegel exerises, for women, sexual health, self-help hypnosis, sexual enhancement

Post-hypnotic Suggestions: Exercise your sexual muscles every day. Connect the exercises to feelings of staying connected with your sexuality, and to anticipating greater pleasure and intimacy with a man.

Techniques: Classical relaxation, NLP, time distortion

Audio Format: MP3 and Audio CD

Length: 15.5 minutes

Price: $16.50 USD

Explicitness: Some Erotic language, but no descriptions of sexual activity. No D/s or fetish references. Read more about my approach the Kegel exercises.