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Obedient Desire

After seeing an erotic hypnosis show, you ask me why being made to obey seems so erotic. So I tell you a hypnotic story that induces a deep trance, takes you back in your mind to remember why obedience is fun and how it helped to awaken your sexuality. Then I direct the trance into an intensely erotic scene which instills the desire to obey while teaching how obedience increases desire, and leads to more fulfilling sex. Commands includes undress, hold still and allow yourself to be fondled, accept a spanking, perform fellatio, hold still with a cock partly inside you, fuck, and cum. Intended for intermediate and serious D/s practitioners; this recording will instill a real desire to be sexually submissive and obedient.

Tags: erotic hypnosis, for women, male dominant, submission training

Post-hypnotic Suggestions: You need to obey, obedience arouses you, total obedience fulfills you, choose just one person to obey and always obey them, be safe.

Techniques: Nested stories, age regression, NLP, positive and negative reinforcement, peer pressure, tease and denial.

Audio Format: MP3

Length: 32.5 minutes (25 MB)

Price: $25 USD

Explicitness: Explicit descriptions of sexual activity, including submission training.

Additional Note: I produced the original MP3 in 2009, the remastered version in 2015.