Trance Junkie

This is an hypnotic addiction, erotic humiliation, and degradation fantasy.

You’re a reporter interviewing me about women becoming addicted to hypnosis. I introduce you to two women who are addicted to my hypnotic control and tell you how I enslaved them. As you listen, you fall prey to my hypnotic influence. You go into a trance and become vulnerable to my suggestions.

The trance becomes a state of euphoric bliss. I seduce you deeper and deeper, persuading you to accept my suggestions without question. The deeper you go, the more incredible the euphoria. It’s so wonderful, that by comparison, waking seems painful.

Every day you return to me, and I hypnotize you deeper and deeper, until you’re complete addicted to my control and willing to do whatever I want. Then I tell you that if you want me to continue hypnotizing you, you must serve me as a sexual slave. You’re so desperate for the bliss of the trance you agree.

You move into my house, living in a perpetual trance. You serve me both domestically and sexually, even as I continue  hypnotizing and enslaving other women. Finally, I throw a party to subject you to further erotic humiliation. I command you to get naked and rub your face over my crotch (in front of my guests). With your face in my crotch, I wake you, force you to see yourself as a sexual toy, admit you’re addicted my hypnotic control, and beg for the privilege of being kept permanently hypnotized. When you admit that you’re addicted to my control, I put you back in a trance and seal your slavery by making you orgasm on command.

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