What is NLP?

How I define neuro-linguistic programming, how it fits into erotic hypnosis, and why my personal definition differs from more widely accepted definitions.

No, All Hypnosis is Not Self-Hypnosis

‘All hypnosis is self-hypnosis’ is a popular misconception that hypnotists promote to combat the other misconception that hypnotists control their subjects.

Understanding the Hypnosis Fetish

What if the hypnosis fetish isn’t really a fetish? What if it’s (gasp) totally normal? Hypnofetishists, I believe, are attracted to a natural aspect of sex that has yet to be widely recognized, let alone understood. Shared Mental/Emotional States Watch this scene from Dracula Has Risen From The Grave. Notice that Dracula isn’t just hypnotizing… Read More »

How to Become a Better Hypnotic Subject

Become a better hypnotic subject by practicing the component skills of trance like listening, visualizing and permitting emotional rapport with the hypnotist.

How Hypnosis Works

How hypnosis works. Three theories: conscious overload, Inverted word-image relationship, and synchronized mental rhythms

4 Ways Dominants Approach Erotic Hypnosis

Understanding the four basic approaches to erotic hypnosis helps submissives chose a compatible dominant hypnotist.

Consensual Non-Consent in Hypnotic Domination

Consensual non-consent is a big part of hypnotic domination. Hypnosis enthusiasts love feeling sexually overwhelmed and giving up control to feel deeper arousal.

5 Misconceptions about Erotic Hypnosis

Understand the five biggest misconceptions about hypnosis perpetuated popular media (comic books, movies and TV shows) and learn how hypnosis really works.

Getting Started with Erotic Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis is a growing genre of erotic entertainment. But people also use it to enhance dominance and submission training.

Why We Enjoy Erotic Audio

We listen erotic audio to evoke arousal and excitement. Nearly any sound can effect our mood; from the gentle sound of a light rain to the aggressive noise from a lawnmower. But nothing influences our emotions like the human voice. From the soothing whisper of a mother’s lullaby to the aggravating screams of television advertisers,… Read More »