Why We Enjoy Erotic Audio

Why We Enjoy Erotic Audio Stories

We listen erotic audio to evoke arousal and excitement.

Nearly any sound can effect our mood; from the gentle sound of a light rain to the aggressive noise from a lawnmower. But nothing influences our emotions like the human voice. From the soothing whisper of a mother’s lullaby to the aggravating screams of television advertisers, human voices transmit and invoke every possible emotion.

We learn the mood enhancing quality of voices at a young age (i.e., a mother’s lullaby). And we carry this knowledge with us throughout our lives. Vocal qualities such as tone and rhythm subtly influence our choice of friends and lovers, role models, music, radio and news channels, and eventually porn. We bring these people into our lives to inspire or invoke the emotions we enjoy feeling.

We choose erotic audio specifically to evoke sexual desire, arousal and excitement. When we discover a voice that invokes these emotions, we also feel the pleasure of the discovery, and the excitement of anticipating the greater arousal to come (no pun intended).

Three types of Erotic Audio

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Of course what speaks to us is a very individual thing. But as with music, we can enjoy different types of erotic audio. Audio stories, like written stories, share ideas and inspire our imagination. But the narrator’s voice adds another dimension of passion and sensuality. Their passion touches us physically, and we can feel our bodies respond to their erotic energy.

Dirty talk is another type of erotic audio, which is great for sharing with a lover. Talking about how you’re going to please each other can generate excitement and anticipation for your love making. Or if you’re separated by distance, sharing a sexual fantasy over the phone is great way to stay emotionally and sexually connected.

Then there are the sounds of sex itself: the gasps, the moans and the whimpers, the sounds of flesh on flesh, the kissing, the slapping, the sucking, the moaning and the groaning. For some people, these sounds are as much a part of sex as each kiss and caress. And listening to these audio elements can bring back that erotic excitement.

What about Erotic Hypnosis?

Erotic hypnosis, when done well, can combine the best parts of all three types of erotic audio. The goal is still to invoke the arousal and excitement that the listener wishes to enjoy. But hypnosis enables the listener to become more receptive, and more deeply influenced by the hypnotist’s voice. When the hypnotist speaks with a slow and relaxed pace, the listener feels that relaxation flowing into their body. And when the hypnotist shares their arousal and excitement, the listener will feel his or her own body respond.

What works depends as much on the context (or the erotic fantasy) as the emotional content of the voice. Listening to femdom hypnosis, some men prefer sultry and provocative voices, while others prefer harsh and demanding voices. Some women, listening to erotic audio, are aroused by confidence in a man’s voice. Others are aroused by the speaker’s desire or mischievousness.

Many erotic hypnosis fans (especially those into dominance and submission) take this even further—allowing the hypnotist to take total control of the listener’s sexual arousal and excitement. But this isn’t necessary for everyone. Most listeners just want to hear the arousal and excitement in the hypnotist’s voice, so they can feel their own body respond.

Erotic Audio is for Men and Women

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Conventional wisdom has stated that men are more aroused by visual stimuli, and women more by auditory stimuli. But my experience in the erotic hypnosis community suggests otherwise. I’ve found that men and women equally enjoy listening to erotic audio.

And let’s not forget the people with visual impairments. Back in 2009, the American Foundation for the Blind conducted a survey of the visually impaired and 22% of respondents expressed interest in watching Adult (sexually explicit) videos with audio description.