Erotic Hypnosis for Women

Woman with headphones listening to hypnotic story

Introducing Erotic Hypnosis

The first in a series of erotic hypnosis audio stories written specifically for women. Explore the mind-body connection, discover a heightened sense of sexual awareness.

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woman seduced by a hypnotist

Hypnotically Seduced

For women who dream about the hypnotic stranger who totally captivates you; that irresistible man who inspires the most compelling desires and sweeps you away with the most intoxicating pleasures.

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beautiful asian woman being hypnotized

Building the Perfect Hypnosis Fetish

Enhance or induce a deep hypnosis fetish. This story regresses the listener to a young age and transports you to a slave training camp. You grow up watching women being hypnotized to bring out their sensuality.

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hypnotically increase a woman's sex drive

The Pleasure Principle

An erotically charged story of an inhibited woman learning to embrace her natural sexual desires. Includes post-hypnotic suggestions to feel an increasing desire for sexual all pleasures, including flirting, kissing, foreplay, and intercourse.

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hypnotized girl obedient and kneeling

Obedient Desire

This erotic hypnosis story trains the listener to become aroused when obeying commands and seek fulfillment through total obedience.

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couple dancing the tango

A Tango in Subspace

An erotic hypnosis journey into the collective subconscious, where you learn to accept and embrace your natural desire for sexual submission.

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a seductive devil

Demon Seed

A lustful demon takes you to his lair and ravishes you. Against your will, your body surrenders to the lust he elicits in you.

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woman relishing the idea of kissing a cock

The Ultimate Kiss

A woman visits an erotic hypnoist to help her sexually connect with her lovers. Through hypnosis, she discovers the intense sexuality of her lips and the pleasure she can experience while performing fellatio.

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beautiful girl listening to trance

The Artist's Brush

An artist awakens your sense of touch with delicate brushstrokes of moonlight and sex over every inch of your skin. An extended foreplay fantasy, with suggestions for increased sensual awareness.

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beautiful asian girl hypnotized

Trance Junkie

An addiction, humiliation, and exhibitionism fantasy. You are first made addicted to being hypnotized, then trained as a obedient slave and used sexually, then you are forced to beg for the privilege of being kept hypnotized.

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Breathe for Me

A free 5-minute sample hypnotic induction.

kegel exercise

A More Sensual Kegel

A direct hypnosis program to help connect the Kegel exercises to the anticipation of intimacy and pleasure; providing motivation for daily exercises.

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sexual orientation


A party enables bi-curious women connect with each other, share their thoughts and feelings, and helps a novice become more comfortable with her desire for other women.

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beautiful slave girl in chains

The Essence of a Slave

The Essence of a Slave is the need to belong, to serve and to give pleasure. This erotic hypnosis kidnap fantasy takes you to a world where you will discover these feelings within yourself.

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Cover art for Pleasure Drone

Pleasure Drone

You are abducted and your mind is erased. Then you are transported to my island paradise to entertain my guests.

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The Perfect Pet

The Perfect Pet is not a puppy or a kitten, but a woman dedicated to giving unconditional love and affection.

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Good Vibrations

Sounds are vibrations, which can be felt any every part of the body. In a trance, you can feel the sound of my voice as erotic vibrations within your sex and throughout your body.

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The Joy of Sharing

Sharing is a pleasure that enhances other pleasures. When we share a lover, it enhances our passions and pleasures, and enriches our lives with anticipation and excitement.

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Intimate Kisses

For women who have difficulty enjoying cunnilingus. This erotic hypnosis MP3 will help you develop the mindset to enjoy it.

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In The Pink

Feminization and bimbofication for both men and women.


Ideas being developed or considered ...

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