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I've written an erotic hypnosis script that will give the listener the proper frame of mind to enjoy MFF 3somes and polyamorous relationships. I'd like to get some opinions before I make the final recording. So I'm setting up a group session on Skype for feeback. For more details, click here.

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Book Giveaway: The Pygmalion Hypnotist

The Pygmalion Hypnotist, my second novel in the Darren Braid series, is again available in paperback, and I'm giving away 7 copies.

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Women Can Enjoy Erotic Hypnosis Too

If you google the phrase "erotic hypnosis", you can easily find dozens of sites offering femdom erotic hypnosis for men, but only one or two sites selling erotic hypnosis recordings for women. Perhaps because men aggressively seek porn more than women do, there are more web sites and products that cater to men's fantasies. But women can enjoy erotic hypnosis too; especially if it's written specifically for them.

Back when I first aspired to be a novelist, I read The Joy of Writing Sex by Elizabeth Benedict. The book excerpted sex scenes from several novels and short stories, and showed how the writer could use each character's personality to develop a unique sexual scene. One character was a musician, so the sex was described in musical terms, i.e., rhythm, tempo, harmony. Another character was an immigrant so the scene was described with contrasting references to her original home. But the broader lesson of the book was to write about sex "in context".

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What are Erotic Hypnosis Audio Stories?

Audio stories told with sophisticated NLP language patterns that induce hypnotic trance. This brings the listener into the story, enabling you to see, hear and feel everything described as if it is happening to you.

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