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Good Vibrations

Sounds are vibrations, which can be felt any every part of the body. In this erotic trance, you can feel the sound of my voice as erotic vibrations within your sex and throughout your body. Click for details.


A Tango in Subspace

For novice submissive women. This erotic hypnosis MP3 helps you understand and accept your desire to be submissive. Click for details.

Hyperempiria, The Art of Hypnotic Storytelling

Hypnosis has been a popular therapeutic tool for over a century. Stage hypnotists have also used hypnosis to entertain crowds for several decades. But now a new application is emerging, the hypnotic audio story.

Hypnotic stories aren't entirely new. Noted hypnotherapist, Milton Erickson often told stories to help his patients reframe problems and accept suggestions. But what began as a therapeutic tool is now growing into an art form that can be simultaneously entertaining and beneficial.

Stories have a special ability to engage our minds. When you read or hear a particularly good story, you naturally visualize what the words describe. You see in your mind the people, the places, and the action described. And to do this, you actually place yourself in a slight hypnotic trance.


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What are Erotic Hypnosis Audio Stories?

Audio stories told with sophisticated NLP language patterns that induce hypnotic trance. This brings the listener into the story, enabling you to see, hear and feel everything described as if it is happening to you.

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Hypnotic Dreams: Erotic Hypnosis MP3s, Novels, and Short Stories
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