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Intimate Kisses

For women who have difficulty recieving oral sex. This erotic hypnosis MP3 will help you create a state of mind that enables you enjoy recieving cunnilingus. For details, click here.

introducing erotic hypnosis

Introducing Erotic Hypnosis

The first in a series of erotic hypnosis audio stories written specifically for women. Explore the mind-body connection, discover a heightened sense of sexual awareness. For details, click here.

Erotic Hypnosis Increases Women's Sexual Desire

Throughout history, men have searched for the best, most powerful aphrodisiac, that special potion or seduction technique that could make a woman eager for sex. But they've been looking in the wrong places. Because the key to increasing a woman's sexual desires isn't in some herb. It is in her mind, in the way she thinks about sex and anticipates sexual pleasures.

Male and female sexuality are both built on a combination of biological and psychological components. But psychological components exercise much greater restraint on women. We're all born with a natural desire for pleasure. Freud described this phenomenon as the Pleasure Principle, and the process of suppressing this desire as the Reality Principle. We grow up, discover the necessities of living, and realize that there is more to life than pleasure. Working, paying the bills, seeing to our health and safety, taking care of the family, etc.; all these concerns make a woman suppress her libido and inhibit her enjoyment of sex.


Erotic and Healthful

"...a unique and wonderful way to connect with your own sexuality," — Oysters & Chocolate Erotica

"It took me to a previously unexplored place and provided some unexpected thrills." — The Erotic Woman

"I also saw this as having value for folks working with sexual health issues or trauma." — Latino Sexuality

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