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An erotic hypnosis MP3 for women that will help the listener enjoy MFF 3somes and polyamorous relationships. For more details, click here.

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Good Vibrations

Sounds are vibrations that we feel with our ears. With this erotic hypnosis MP3, you discover your body's ability to feel the vibrations of my voice with each of your erogenous zones. For more details, click here.

Erotic Hypnosis Can Help Women Enjoy Fellatio

Many women enjoy performing fellatio, but many do it only to please their men. Those women who enjoy it, understand that fellatio is more than just sucking on a man's sex. It is a deeply intimate expression of love for a man’s sexuality and a wonderful way to feel connected to the root of his sexuality. Those women who are unable to enjoy this feeling of being connected during fellatio are missing out on one of life's great sexual pleasures.

Fellatio is one of the most enjoyable ways a woman can express her love for a man’s sexuality. But fears and inhibitions prevent many women from enjoying the full pleasure of this activity. Thoughts that sucking a man might be degrading, dirty, or 'only for him' can prevent a woman from opening herself to the emotional pleasure of connecting her lips to the root of a man's sexuality.

As with any sexual activity, for a woman to enjoy fellatio, she must let go of the thoughts that inhibit the emotional enjoyment. Let go of the concerns that hold you back from giving your full attention to the physical sensations and enjoying all the emotional pleasures of sex. Of course, for some women, this is easier said than done. Once those concerns pop into the mind it can be difficult to just dismiss them and focus on the pleasure of connecting and giving pleasure. But this is where hypnosis can help.

Hypnosis helps you focus your mind either on a single thought, image, or feeling; relieving you of distracting thoughts and freeing you to enjoy the pleasures of the moment. Hypnosis can also help you create connections between physical sensations and a desired [sensual] state of mind. So you can return to that state of mind whenever you experience the sensation. For example, most women naturally slip into an emotionally and sensually receptive state when they kiss a man’s lips. Hypnosis can help a woman preserve and enhance this state of mind as she slides her lips down a man’s neck, chest, stomach, and finally to his cock. Staying in this emotionally and sensually receptive state of mind keeps a woman focused on the pleasure of feeling sexually connected to her lover. Hypnotic suggestions can also enhance a woman’s awareness of her lips’ sensuality. This enables her to share more fully in the pleasures her kisses give and to enjoy a deeper emotional satisfaction in her ability to share these pleasures.

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