Intimate Kisses


,For women who find it difficult to enjoy receiving cunnilingus or who want to enjoy it even more than they already do.

When a man kisses a woman’s body, it is a intimate and passionate expression of his love for a her sexuality. Women find it easy to accept a kiss on the lips, the neck, or the breasts. But many find it difficult to accept that same expression of love directly on their sex. They might be concerned about the way it looks or the way it tastes, and those concerns can prevent a woman from enjoying this intimate pleasure.

Your frame of mind determines how much pleasure you enjoy from a kiss or caress. And this MP3 will help you establish the frame of mind that enables you to truly enjoy the pleasure of receiving cunnilingus from your lover.

In this MP3, I will guide you into a light trance with a simple breathing exercise. You see yourself attending a presentation on sexual health and learning about the beauty of your body. You learn how it’s designed to attract a lover and about the pleasures of sharing their appreciation for your sexuality. Then I will guide you through a full-body relaxation into a deeper trance. This helps you become more in tune of your body’s sexuality, and more receptive to the pleasures of being kissed. You will experience a lover kissing his way down your body, expressing his love for your sexuality with each kiss. Each kiss will grow more intimate and pleasurable until the pleasure fills you with an explosive orgasm.

The MP3 ends with a series of positive affirmations that will help you see every part of your body as beautiful and desirable. This will also will help you relax and enjoy receiving cunnilingus from a real-life lover.




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Sexual Explicitness



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Post-hypnotic Suggestions

Every part of your body is beautiful to your lover., Oral sex is healthy, normal, and pleasureable., Your pussy is beautiful.


When your lover kisses your pussy, you will feel desired and beautifully sexy.


30 minutes


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