About Hypnotic Dreams

Hypnotic Dreams originally stemmed from a desire to introduce women to erotic hypnosis. But it has evolved into a unique and artistic synthesis of sexual fantasy, storytelling, hypnosis, NLP, D/s, sexual philosophy, and personal growth.

For my first recording, Introducing Erotic Hypnosis, I wanted to show that every woman could enjoy erotic hypnosis, not just fetishists. The second recording, Hypnotically Seduced, was purely for entertainment; and my third, Building the Perfect Fetish, was written specifically for women in the hypnosis fetish community.

Writing each script was a learning experience. And I soon developed my own unique blend of story telling, hypnotic induction, NLP, and positive affirmations. I also realized that erotic hypnosis could be more than just entertainment. It offers a real potential for personal growth through the exploration of erotic fantasies. And I became interested in exploring some of the other aspects of human sexuality, including dominance and submission, forced arousal, personality transformations, sexual health, paranormal romance.

I believe that I’ve created a new art form, which can free the listener’s mind to explore his/her sexual potential, learn about themselves, and provide stimulating entertainment.

Of course, some MP3s are still purely for entertainment. But some use erotic hypnosis and NLP to synchronize the mind and body for increased sexual desire and pleasure in real life. Some contain intense dominance and submission scenes and post-hypnotic commands for real-life sexual submission. Many also include positive affirmations and post-hypnotic suggestions to help the listener free themselves from sexual inhibitions, achieve deeper arousal, greater pleasure, and more intense orgasms with real-life partners.

Trance Conditioners

Thanks to the pace of the modern world, some people have difficulty entering trance. For you, I developed a gender-neutral, non-sexual trance conditioners. Anyone can use these recordings to achieve deeper trances, more vivid visualizations, and better responses to hypnotic suggestions.

Femdom Erotic Hypnosis

Artistic inspiration comes from many places and takes many forms. In 2009, I became interested in exploring femdom hypnosis, specifically scenarios where a devious woman can covertly seduce a man into a trance and take control of his sexual arousal. In these trances the hypnotist plants a suggestion to trigger a spontaneous erection, conditions him to become erect on hearing the sound of her voice, or uses the man’s aroused cock to deepen the trance and make him more susceptible to hypnotic manipulation.

Fair Warning

Your subconscious mind will naturally accept the suggestions that give you pleasure, even when you are not consciously aware that you accept them. While reading or listening to erotic hypnosis audio stories, you may consciously or unconsciously accept hypnotic suggestions that will:

  • increase your sexual desire
  • increase the desire to be hypnotized
  • increase submissiveness
  • create instant and intense sexual responses


The Darren Braid Series

Writing experts tell us to write the stories we want to read. So I wrote the Darren Braid series to try to bridge the gap between erotica and reality. Erotica always seems to portray an idealized version of dominance and submission, where dominants are virtually all-knowing, and submissives are all happy and fulfilled. News programs and crime dramas seem to do the opposite, only showing women and children being abused and exploited. But in real life, the positive and negative exist together. People enjoy healthy D/s relationships because they learn from other people’s bad experiences. I’d never seen a story that brought both sides together, and I thought it would be interesting to explore the coexistence of positive and negative relationships.

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