New Release: Subconscious Secret

Subconscious Secret

New Release: Subconscious Secret

Taking advantage of your amnesia from Subconscious Triggers , I convince you that we did much more in the previous session than you can consciously remember.

You remember volunteering for my stage show. You loved feeling yourself respond to my hypnotic triggers, loved how hot and aroused I made you feel. You loved it so much that after the show, you followed me back to my dressing room and asked me to take it further, much further.

Your subconscious is hiding this what happened next from your conscious mind — creating a mystery you can only solve with my help. To discover this secret, you must go deep inside. You must, in fact, go into the deepest possible trance.  Listen carefully and follow my instructions precisely.

Listen to Subconscious Secret on sale for the introductory price of $20 until May 10, 2024.