Website is back online…

We’re back. As you can see, the web site still has the same overall aesthetic. But it’s built on a different foundation.  This enabled me to: create a new home page to better highlight the MP3 and novels, improve the menus and site navigation, add a better mobile menu, improve the product filtering on the… Read More »

Upcomming Temporary Shutdown

I’ve been working on some enhancements to the web site: Improving the theme (especially the menus and navigation) and adding some new shopping cart functions. I’ve been working on this offline. And, unfortunately, I can’t just copy everything from the development environment to the live site. Part of it will have to be built on… Read More »

External Article: What it’s Like to Have a Hypnosis Fetish

For many people with a hypnosis fetish, the fetish begins with the stories, TV shows, cartoons, and comic books that we see as kids. I mention my own experience in my About Me page and in the article, Sharing Your Kink. Now you can read about another  hypnofetishist’s experience in this article, What it’s Like… Read More »

New Femdom MP3: Sympathetic Magic

I can finally, finally, finally announce the release of Sympathetic Magic. As you may recall, Shibby recorded two of my femdom scripts last year. We released Manipulations in September 2017. But Shibby wasn’t happy with the original recording os Sympathetic Magic. And by the time she sent me a copy that she liked, my head… Read More »

Cake and Cunnilingus Day Sale

Apparently, a few ladies felt that Steak and Blowjob day over compensated for Valentine’s Day and they needed another day to balance the scales. So they’ve designated April 14th as Cake and Cunnilingus Day. On this day (according to them) every woman is entitled to cake and cunnilingus. I don’t necessarily agree or disagree with… Read More »

On Sale for Steak and Blowjob Day

March 14 is Steak and Blowjob Day. Okay, this is more of a joke than a real holiday. But then, so are most March holidays. But why not celebrate with a sale on blowjob-related hypnosis files? From March 10-14th, the following files (which all contain explicit descriptions of blowjobs) will be on sale for 20%… Read More »

November Update Summary

It’s been a busy month, and I’m continuing to work on Updates in November included: Expanded the descriptions for my femdom MP3s, Held, The Couch Trip and Enthralling Rhythms, Expanded the description for my female submission training MP3s A Tango in Subspace  The Essence of a Slave, and The Perfect Pet. Wrote this new… Read More »

Expanded the description of Obedient Desire

I expanded the description of Obedient Desire, my hypnotic obedience training MP3.

I found the Oysters & Chocolate Reviews

Between 2008 and 2012 reviewed four of my recordings. They gave me glowing reviews for Introducing Erotic Hypnosis, The Pleasure Principle, A Tango in Subspace and The Ultimate Kiss. Then suddenly their web site disappeared. I couldn’t reach the editors or find any contact information for the reviewers. For a while, I linked my… Read More »

Expanded the description for Trance Junkie

I expanded the description for Trance Junkie, an addiction, and erotic humiliation fantasy. In this fantasy, the listener is made addicted to the hypnotist’s control, and that addiction is used to humiliate and enslave the listener. Some of my femdom mp3s are about predatory hypnodommes making the listener addicted to their control. But Trance Junkie… Read More »